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‘Vaastu Shastra’ is the ancient Indian Science of Architecture. Vaastu is nothing but the science of balancing the ‘PANCH MAHA-BHOOTAs’, the five elements of Nature i.e. Earth, Water, Fire, Air and Space, in proportion to keep the residents of the building in perfect harmony for right decisions, peace and happiness. The seers and sages of ancient India carefully observed the effects of these five elements on the human organism and environment. In a natural environment all five elements are in balance. As soon as the environment is altered by the introduction of a structure, however, this balance is disturbed. Any such disturbance then affects the health, wealth, and happiness of those who live and work inside the building. Over thousands of years the sages collected such observations of natural balance and imbalance within environments. The resulting body of knowledge is the science of Vaastu Shastra.


The magnetic energies of the North and the Solar Energies of the East (Ultraviolet Rays) exert positive, supportive influences, while the South (Infrared Rays) and the West (Gamma Rays) exert influences that are not life-supporting. For this reason in ancient India, buildings were designed to receive the abundant, life-enhancing energies from the North and East, while shielding their inhabitants from the Gamma and Infrared Rays of the West and South. The positive energies from North and East flowed around the structure without obstruction and collected in the South-West area of the building, where they supported the health and well-being of the people inside.

Dr. Maheshe Barot 

known as Cosmic Architect – Vaastu expert from Gujarat India, and is well-versed in various therapy like, Grapho Therapy, Colour Therapy, Signature Suggestion and Numerology, specially learned Green Vaastu Concept for Green Building.

Today Maheshe Barot well known Cosmic Architect, Vaastu Expert and Consultant, on the ancient Science of architecture popularly known as” Vaastu “.

This great Indian science is based on the influence of the directions, elements of nature and cosmic forces on the premises. The wonderful principles of this great science provide methods to harmoniously balance these influences in order to fill the premises with harmony, peace, health and prosperity for the dwellers. Many consultants suggest demolishing the defective portions of a building but this is not very practical and involves enormous expenses.

Dr Maheshe Barot uses Colour Therapy, Pyramid-logy (Only in Ground), some Metals, and Crystals& Energising Therapies to rectify Vaastu defects without any demolition. His fruitful broad-spectrum experience in this field has made him an authority. He is a brand name in Vaastu today. Known as Celebrity Vaastu Consultant and Brand Astrologer. Even hearing his name generates positive energies in the minds of his readers, Viewers, Audience and clients, the latter running into many thousands.”

Dr.Maheshe Barot work beyond Vaastu too and check Geopathic Stress and help to clear geopathic lines with Tested Scientific Instrument called Geopathic Stress Harmonizer.

Dr.Maheshe Barot Believes

Happiness is of two types, one is transient happiness and the other is long lasting happiness, we can call the later as true happiness. We come across many people who seem to be full of energy, have a wide circle of friends and are always on a move. They want change and action and give an impression that they are very happy. But their happiness is only transient, very short lived and conditional. In their hearts they are always dissatisfied, far from true happiness. True happiness is a great blessing and brings contentment and satisfaction. These are five belief systems which keep true happiness at bay.