Dr Maheshe Barot, Vastu Consultant Gujarat, works with architectural solutions to integrate peace and harmony in your living life Style. Giving the design with aesthetics Sense of the physical space, He is the Best Aayaadi Vastu Consultant and Know for his Excellent Aayadi Calculation.

Dr Maheshe Barot Believes Customer are GOD and pay 100% attention to each of clients. Dr Barot Giving extra ordinary Vastu remedy and Solutions without Demolition. Offer valuable Suggestions if you decide to purchase any property such as ,Bungalow, Farm House, Hospitals, Shopping Complexes, flats, land or other sites. we create long-lasting memories with Clients.   we enjoy indisputable popularity among people belonging from all walks of life. Our coveted list of clients includes the rich and the famous from the United States, Argentina, Arkansas, Kansas, Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, Surat, Kapadvanj, Vatva, Rakanpur, Sanand, Satej. We look forward to expanding our Vastu services to overseas with due diligence and perseverance in the years to come. OUR SERVICES Vastu Shastra Consultancy Numerology . Astrology, Logo as per Vaastu, Geopathic Stress Consultant, Vastu Shastra Consultants, Astrology Consultants.

Today Maheshe Barot(Vastu Consultant Gujarat)  is well known for Cosmic Architect, Vaastu Expert and Consultant, on the ancient science of architecture popularly known as ” Vaastu “.Mahesh Barot works beyond Vaastu too and check Geopathic Stress and help to clear geopathic lines with his Tested Scientific Instrument called Geopathic Stress Neutralizer.
This great Indian science is based on the influence of the directions, elements of nature and cosmic forces on the premises. The wonderful principles of this great science provide methods to harmoniously balance these influences to fill the premises with harmony, peace, health and prosperity for the dwellers. Many consultants suggest demolishing the defective portions of a building but this is not very practical and involves enormous expenses.

Vastu Shastra, an ancient Indian science of building, Space and architecture which enables to produce a harmony or perhaps a place to live and work in a most scientific way making the most of the advantages granted by nature with Vibration, we balance with 5 elements and energy fields for much better wealth, overall health, joy and happiness. See more.

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